Archetypes and why I’m so happy with Core 5.0 uses pictures


This picture represents an archetype, coming from a card system called: Symbolon.

„A symbolon is an “object broken into two parts which…want to be reunited into a single entity.” The Symbolon deck is a set of 78 images designed to help you remember forgotten aspects of yourself that are influencing your life from within. Each card shows a figure or scene that reflects one of these inner personae, their actions or motives.”

This card is Fortuna, which represent luck, trust, spiritual findings and guidance. I drew this card to help myself how to write this post. This is a peace of my life or my soul, which emphatic now as I write these lines. But does it mean this is me? No.  So for me archetypes are not to categorize, but to find out what has a special meaning in my life now, a connection, or resonance like in Core system.

The Symbolon cards are similar system as the Tarot cards, mostly you use it by choosing various number of cards from it. One difference is that, not somebody else will interpret it, but you. First you have to tell what you see on the card. This is very important, because the picture “speaks” directly to your soul, or subconscious, and you can find the answer, solution, healing by yourself, but it is good if there is another person who can add more to it. And here it is not important to speak about the picture very clever, or find some answer to your problems. It is more important to tell something like a fairytale – fairytales are also archetypes.  They are so simple and yet adults find hard to tell tales. My experience that most people tells only a few word about the picture, but no story. But the point is, that the picture you choose will effect your life and has a healing power, whether you say, think, hear anything.

This Fortuna card is very pleasant card, maybe it is not so hard to talk about, but what about those aspects that is not so popular: for example depression…

who wants to talk about this sad man, who we all have to face at one or two stages of our life. Do you have the courage to see the light at the end of the tunnel as on the picture?  Do you feel that this card can mean more happiness that the Fortuna card…….well after you came out of the cave and saw the light, you will. Bad events can lead you to good. I think we all experienced it in our own life.

I experienced the healing affect of the cards, and I experienced the healing affect of Core system as well. Because they both speaks directly to the soul (or spirit).  Picture has more information, than words, that’s why I am so happy that Core 5.0 now uses pictures.
Take advantage of it: use more pictures in your database!


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