Archbishop the very Reverend John Gilbert



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.... if you also pay your yearly dues to one of them you might be interested in the following


These “lisensing boards” and “churches” all run together in one home in North Carolina of the

Presiding Archbishop of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship is Very Reverend John Frederick Gilbert, Ph.D., D.D.

507 Old Toll Circle
Black Mountain, NC 28711

and his neighbourhood

NTANA The Natural Therapies Association of North America
PO Box 1256
Candler, NC 28715

NTCB Natural Therapies Certification Board

PO Box 103, Swannanoa, NC 28778,

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.... this is where your money disappears - very tiny but sucks money like a black hole



over the years he has started a few dozen boards all of them not accredited by anyone only accrediting each other, taking money from the naive that believe that membership in one of them will give them any security

He has also dozens  of e-mail addresses like :

“John Gilbert, Ph.D.” <>, “John Biofeedback certification” <>, “John Gilbert, Ph.D.” <>, “John Gilbert” <>, “John Gilbert” <>, “John Gilbert” <>

and he does not stop to tell everyone :

“I do not receive any commissions or other compensation of any kind from any certification boards, licensing boards or associations. I even teach workshops for these organizations as fund raisers to help them cover their expenses. “

he does not tire creating fear of :

Being Investigated,

Codex Alimentarius,

If You Are Charged and Innocent,

How Licensing Boards Investigate Suspects

driving them to one of his licensing boards or “Natural Therapies Conflict Resolution Services and then ripping yearly membership fees 426w" sizes="(max-width: 737px) 100vw, 737px" />

This more than other shows his sense of self-exaggeration to the point where he does not hesitate to feel entitled to make others : 1) Deacon, Associate or Assistant Minister or Pastor, 2) Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Swami, Canon, Archdeacon, and 3) Archpriest, High Priest, or Dean according to his choosing – That is one of the best example of the US american disease that has overpowered the common sense of many and makes them believe “DO IT YOURSELF” even if you want to be Archbishop nothing else is needed but your total determination to have it – THE SECRET that is now preached to millions “All you want will be given to you by the Universe if you  only  want it strongly” – this absurd believe will force the Universe, more traditionally called God, to teach a lesson of humility, as it is doing now for the very “Reverend Archbishop John Gilbert”

All the different sites, that all try to give the impression of being independent institutions, have the same cheap design, are made by the same web-design company refer to each other in the same way :

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… this is a copy from his web-design company and even here he was not hesitating to make advertising for all his money-making



And this is what he wanted us to promote :


There are five accredited and one non-accredited certification boards serving CoRe Inergetix professionals. The accredited certification boards are the: Natural Therapies Certification Board (, Nutritional Coach Certification Board (, Health Coach Certification Board (, Detoxification Therapists Certification Board (, and The License Commission of the Americas (

NTCB and TLCTA both certify practitioners in North, South and Central America. NTCB Europe ( certifies qualified healthcare practitioners in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Western Asia. NTCB Australia/Asia ( certifies qualified healthcare providers Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Southeast Asia. CDTCB, CHCB and CNCB certify qualified professionals world-wide. If you have any questions about these options, please contact the Temple Director

CoRe Inergetix professionals are free to join any professional organizations of their choice. The Natural Therapies Association of North America (NTANA), Biofeedback Association of North America (BANA), Medical Biofeedback Association and Credentialing Board (MBACB), International Medical Association for Natural Therapies (IMANT), American Association of Spiritual Healers and Coaches (AASHC) and the International Association of Certified Detoxification Therapists (IACDT) all offer Americans and Canadians the following benefits at prices well below regular prices:

CoRe Inergetix professionals certified by NTCBAA may receive the following benefits through MBACB, IACDT, IMANT or through the AustralAsian Association of Spiritual Healers and Coaches (AAASHC):

When you complete your basic CoRe Inergetix training and the three correspondence courses offered by the Temple of AIM, you qualify for technician or practitioner level certification by NTCB, CNCB, CHCB or CDTCB. If you have any questions about these options, please contact the Temple Director


DO you recognize the links ?…. all .com bubbles


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Inergetix, Inc. founder and chief scientist.


  1. On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 9:20 PM, Mary Marie <> wrote:

    Dear Dr. Schmidt,

    1. I am very sorry you did what you did to Dr. Gilbert. Obviously you do not know who he is at all.

    2. I am very sorry you accused several certification boards of paying John a commission. I am confident they did not because they tell me they did not. But they face an audit by their accreditation boards to absolve themselves of your accusations.

    3. I am very sorry you accused the Federation and the license boards we accredit of paying John a commission. We did not. They did not. None of us ever pay John for a lot of things he does to help all of us. He refuses to accept our money. The audit of our books proves this to be the truth.

    4. I am sorry you accused John of paying himself your membership fees. To the contrary he paid the Temple of AIM fees to the Federation saying you would reimburse him. I assume you did.

    5. I am sorry to inform you that your behavior is unacceptable, unprofessional, unethical and cause for revoking both your membership in the Federation and our accreditation of the Temple of AIM as a spiritual healer licensing board. Both are revoked by the unanimous vote of the board.

    I am certain none of this comes as any big surprise to you. It appears you are going to start your own program for your own people anyway. I wish you well. 

    Our board attorney suggests you hire an attorney to rewrite what you call your informed consent form. She believes it is a red flag that will attract the attention of states attorneys and district attorneys looking to make an example of somebody practicing medicine without a license. She suggested you remove it from your website and replace it with something better.

    May God Bless you and Keep you,
    Mother Mary Marie, President FSHLB


    Kiran’s response :

    Hello Marie

    you are completely mistaken

    I even said to John on several occasions :

    Pay yourself a salary for what you are doing – good work needs good payment

    we do not do not follow the Mother Theresa philosophy

    but I told him I get very upset about the fact that he told me

    13 CoRe practitioner got in legal trouble and he negotiated to get them our of it

    but he was not willing to give me their names nor even talk to them if he could lift the pledge of confidence

    also that his informed consent form saved 400 practitioners out of them 6 CoRe practitioners

    again no way he could give me details

    I never heard of one case nor contacted me any one person now after I send this to 12 thousand people

    – all lies –

    when I confronted him with this – he just answered :

    ” they had my promise of confidence – full stop – and herewith I block you e-mail

    I am paid 250 $ an hour and I do not have the time to answer you e-mails”

    if and how he makes his money I dont care – I do not subscribe to the free for all philosophy

    but to honesty


    PS : also it does not help that you issued him a receipt from the Federation of Spiritual Healers “!000 $ received from Inergetix” as our membership fee and he handing it over, and we had to send him a check, instead of wiring the the amount in your account as it would be professional – but again money is not the main issue for me – but spreading fears to increase ones following is just out of question for me


    Open letter to Marie Mary  Director Federation of Spiritual Healers


    As you did not return  my e-mail with my request to refund the 1000 $ which we have given to John Gilbert, which he had told, he had paid you as our membership fee, I am posting this as an open letter which you will also receive as a registered letter for possible legal enforcement of this request.

    You  have written out a “Money receipt” to John Gilbert before you had even received the money from us. Since we paid the money we have not received any services from you, no contract or other information that would instruct us on what benefit we would  have from this payment.

    Therefore I want to give you herewith the possibility for a refund as we are not satisfied with the your services and do not even know if you in fact received the money. Also in the light of the new developments with John Gilbert we doubt that your organization, just like his, has any value in the eyes of any legal authority.

    If not we will report this unprofessional way of doing business to the appropriate governmental institution plus to the organizations, if any, that accredit you.


    Kiran Schmidt