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I got this message from a forum reader, who does not want to be mentioned :

“See also the work of Sharry Edwards.It contains frequencies that the church banned at the time (apparently)”


Here is my comment :

“I will use this video and my comment for a post to show that this pseudo-scientific talk has still so many believers

that – like all believers – do not question


First this question has this typical new age format, that shows our need for fairy tales. “There exists some hidden treasure, some secret future technology, some super-power frequencies, some anti-gravity, anti-sickness, anti-boredom knowledge from the ancient Maya, Atlantis, gnostics, gnomes, Templars or some advanced extra-terrestrial civilization that would end all our problems if not some dark powers, the church, the world government, the witch would hide it from us”.

Sharry tells here that her program finds that the moderator is very low in “money energy” but very high in “love for humanity” – the latest random number generator – this time with a voice interface not with headphones like the Oberon but with a microphone – very creative

She even found a programmer who could transfer her intuisitional abilities into a voice analyzing program – this is great – especially as I can read from her voice that she has no natural tendency for computer programming….

Sharry : “When you put classical music in math formulas it all matches – this note matches that note and this note matches that”…. how interesting how she found a new way to match notes mathematically – of course without telling you what she means.

“and then human DNA set to music – its very very haunting” again nobody knows how to turn it into music but some people just claim they have done it – and of course they find many believers in pseudo-science, particularly if they also are against the church, to show how mature they are

“In the beginning was the word” but Sharry turns this around “In the beginning was frequency” – she has not heard of the new/old science of Information – for her and still for most Frequencies are real whereas Words are just Words – we just have the inversion of 500 years ago – then the Word was used to cover the new insight that science was opening – now science talk serves to cover the much more powerful possibilities of the WORD/ Information

according to her – the Pythagorean harmonics created Carbon-monoxide – how interesting – and this is so convincing for all the sheep that believe in pseudo-science if it uses the concepts and words of established science

and her voice reports

look like copied from an astrology software

Sharry tells us that the body is just like a song, every organ emits frequencies and together they form wonderful and harmonious music – how well this goes down our naive minds – how pleasant to hear all this –  I would play this as a replacement for all these unscientific fairy tales that they have used in the past to have children go to sleep

She tells us also that “If you are driving down the road with 60 miles and hour – this is your frequency ” – very interesting to hear that she re-defined velocity as frequency – any 1st grade physics student would not pass his test – but many listen to this nonsense without objection

She tells us “We are very good polluters of our own system” and I assume she knows what she is talking about with a weight of

well over 200 lbs.

According to Sharry the Church did not allow the use of certain musical formulas, tones, harmonics as this would have given the people the power to heal themselves – and this was not good for them to keep their power – how funny and naive – while in  the contemporary culture and especially the USA – people are given the illusion by an overwhelming amount of TV channels that they are on top of what happens and they are the ones that make the choices


To me the church has not hindered my work – it is actually protecting me from the FDA and others

by all the honors that they bestowed on me, the church always had two sides the esotheric and the exotheric – you see and attract what you resonate with

I am taking the time to comment as I know we are in a transition phase, from the believe in technology and particularly frequencies back to a much more holistic world view.

We are brought up in a culture where it is not “God that is everything”  but  “Frequency and Energy is the basis of all”

This naïve believe is been abused by so many to make money. We are told frequencies are emitted by everything and if properly analyzed can tell us about everything about an object of person.

There is the most simplistic way to read the frequencies just by putting your hand on the device – like in the NES, Quantec, Cybertrone and many others.



Then there are the more old-fashioned ways which still tell you that you have to connect wires like the SCIO,  BICOM and others.

Anyone who has the most basic understanding of physics would know  that both device as in the above or cables , acts like an antenna, and what you will see if you connect an Oscilloscope is something like this :


Just noise


If you wanted to avoid this you would have to do measurements in shielded rooms or at least use shielded wires

But now look at these wires :


SCIO wires

BICOM and other Bioresonance device wires


SCIO, BICOM and all the others use the cheapest wires that at best will be an antenna for the local radio and TV stations but not for some subtle emanations of the client .

Some super clever people at timeweaver  have brought this old lie to an even more sophisticated level. They say that because of the electro smog that all these devices are catching they are using light instead. And they are still finding some people that are desperately trying to hold on to the old energy believe that Frequencies contain all you need to know.

Or like the people at Oberon and one of the 14 different copycats, can read everything from some, until now undiscovered emanations from your ears, that they found a way to catch with a headphone. Or Sharry reads all about the client from a recording of his voice – that she even talks while he talks in the microphone – does not matter – as of course her system is intelligent enough to discriminate her voice from his.

….. and so on the story goes – most of them have even given up with the cumbersome need of old physics to need two poles, two wires to close a circuit and make energy flow – you just put the cat on the SCIO pad or your hand on the cybertrone and all will be revealed (sorry quantum scanned)


Cat on the pad


Some people say “If it works I do not care how” – but does it really always work ? You can also try to make a fire with lightening – and for thousands of years this was “good enough” – and sometimes it worked – but then maybe there are better ways to do it. For me it is important that you understand it works sometimes – not because of some electrical readings, but because of the laws of information.


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