Allergy testing in a virtual EAV environment will it be available in the future?


Jiro : Dear Kiran many practitioners are especially interested in allergy testing . Although there are several allergy screens in The CoRe and many are custom made but they carry the draw back that the system is evaluating these allergies relative to each others although each one of them should be considered as independent variable . I can be severely allergic to 20 or even 30 substances far beyond the 10 substances picked by the resonance screening.

K: I limited the number of resonances shown to 10 as most people have the US american informational virus “more is better” and therefore almost all USA isa bout “accumulating” not only things as the 100 thousand self-storage places in the USA show (and wich have no likeness in other countries)  but also of symptoms – you are not allergic to one thing but to really have a reason to be sick you have to have to really will be considered sick by the people around you

The overlap between psychiatric disorder and environmental illnesses is unsurprising. Almost by definition,
patients who claim multiple allergies suffer from multiple
somatic symptoms that conventional medicine cannot explain. One of the strongest findings in psychiatric epidemiology is that the risk of psychiatric disorder increases
linearly with the number of symptoms with which patients present.’

The overlap between psychiatric disorder and environmental illnesses is unsurprising. Almost by definition,patients who claim multiple allergies suffer from multiplesomatic symptoms that conventional medicine cannotexplain. One of the strongest findings in psychiatric epidemiology is that the risk of psychiatric disorder increaseslinearly with the number of symptoms with which patients present.’

So this is already part of allopathic understanding but most holistic practitioners have not lived up to the understanding of the “informational cause” of allergy and they want to really make a total/ complete/ satisfying/ scientific list of a persons allergies – and best even with a number. This informational virus that has apparently also spread to Lebanon I do not want to amplify – that is why I limit the number of resonances shown.

Also I know that if you try to tackle more than 2 issues at the same time your overall success will be reduced proportionately by the number of issues you want to solve at the same time (multitasking – another good idea that USA psychology has taken completely out of proportion – and is another undiagnosed informational illness that is at the root of so many physical diseases and mainly allergy)

I see most people do not even take the time to read an e-mail to the end, let alone these long articles by Kiran because they have to “multi-task” and this limited attention-span is of course not only limited to the mind and emotions but also to the body – and so you can understand that many allergies are the result of the limited attention  that the immune system is able to generate and therefore it mis-reads so many simple things like wheat and sugar as an enemy that has to be reacted to.

Jiro : It would be best if for each food the system will choose coincidentally the most appropriate degree of allergy in a virtual EAV environment . The system will execute a protocol where it will screen 6-7 different groups of food going over each individual element of the group and developing a matrix from 1-100 for that element from which the system will choose the most relevant number . The results will be for example : allergy to wheat 30%, allergy to milk 75%……..

K : The Virtual EAV of version 6 works exactly like any other CoRe testing and therefore all results have to be understood as relative as all other results and why absolute values are not possible I explained in my last post to your question about “how much”

Jiro : The result will then be stratified or filtered and report generated . I think testing each item this way will give more accurate evaluation then the current relative evaluation used in CoRe . This will also open the possibilities to use CoRe as a pendulum . For example i have a question that I want to dowse where the result needs to be a number or a percentage  like what is the appropriate carbohydrate ratio for this person. If i can enter that question to the CoRe system and then let the CoRe build a matrix from a specified range and dynamically chose the most appropriate number that will be much more dynamic and more appropriate . This is currently not possible as  I have to provide all the possible ranges as distinct resonances like  “best carb ratio 5%” , “best carb ratio 10%”…….. which is obviously less labile and dynamic

K:  this is a one approach to read results – but you can do this already now – that if you see 100 % meat and 50% wheat it means there is a resonance to meat about twice as that to wheat. But dont make the simplistic mistake to now tell the person he should eat twice a much meat as bread or the other way round.

For me the first 2 items in an evaluation is all that is important at the current moment to address – and that by communicating the 2 items , by informing a carrier or by EMDR with these 2 items – this will focus the informational system on the momentary main interference/ polarity/ Yin-Yang and thanks the creator the system has enough intelligence to know how to react to it – if we get the help from CoRe or a friend to be alerted to this particular interference.


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  1. Mark Morton Glasgow on

    I remember well Dr. Sharma, one of my many notable teachers.  He was a third generation traditional non allopathic-ayurvedic practitioner who taught me about nature cure entirely by telling stories; the same stories he had heard from his father and grandfather as a child.  I would visit him once a week to hear these stories, share a meal and then spend the next week thinking and reflecting on what I had heard, while trying to put it into practice.


    Dr. Sharma never named a disease as he considered health to be the natural human condition and disease simply an exacerbating departure from the natural healthy state accompanied by one or more symptoms.  He compared health to a glass into which drops of water were collected.  The drops of water represented the daily crimes against wisdom committed unwittingly, in ignorance or in outright foolishness.  Nevertheless, as long as the glass was not full to the point of overflowing even the unwitting, ignorant and outright foolish would continue apparently healthy and symptom-free.  However, at some point ONE DROP of ANY UNWANTED BEHAVIORAL ALLERGEN will cause the glass to overflow with accompanying appearance of symptoms.


    A return to health involves no naming of disease and any of the quantum possibilities may inform the patient that his cry for help has been heard, honored and respected.  As many mean(s)/causes led the way to suffering, many appropriate adjustments can be made provided competent informational proportions are employed.  One drop apparently resulted in disease but this is appearance as many others, theoretically an infinite number, may have contributed to this appearance.  CoRe, like quantum theory, obliges us to actively reconstruct, in everyday thinking, our notions of objects and their causal properties in terms of their mutual spatio-temporal relations. This represents a great challenge and would have a greater impact on our thinking than all previous physical theories.


    Those who use CoRe have a great advantage in moving beyond Relativity Theory and its far reaching idea of the space-time continuum because using (CoRe) effectively obliges a change in our ways of thinking about space and time at the level of practical living in the everyday world.  This is a good thing and opens us up to the infinity of possibilities, while informing us of those showing promise of statistically better results. However, our classical prejudices concerning objects, their states and properties and misconceptions of quantum theory must be set aside if we hope to embrace all that pure information has to offer.

    Kiran’s comment :

    Thank you Mark this is very good material for thought. With your permission I will use this as a post or better you make a post of it as comments for way back posts are missed by many – and if you can add a practical example or ways how you use this understanding it would be even better