Allergy Spectrum Disorder – Another Miracle Story


Here is what Karyn wrote to me before going to Brazil for the AIM training :

Hello Kiran,

There’s plenty of DLE here without even going to Brazil – but not nearly as interesting and enjoyable as Brazil will be!!

Other than having a health food shop for several years I don’t have any experience as a practitioner or formal qualifications in health/healing – although I hope to very soon have an Informational medicine practice using CoRe.

I have spent roughly the last 25 years in an intensive classroom of life, wrestling with numerous health issues and a marriage/divorce to an accountant, gaining first-hand experience with “the way it all works” and what I NOW understand as DLE!

Remember the photos of me when I was very sick with allergies – as a result of one very powerful session with my CoRe I realized that I was so sick because I had left the health food shop and instead of focusing on my passion for health and healing, I had as a single mother, taken the “safe and secure” option of teaching. I had been asked to co-teach a small class of teenagers who were at “the end of the line” with low academic achievement and very challenging behaviour. I was keen to help these kids build their self-esteem and find a path that wasn’t headed for prison, but found myself trying to work with a teacher and an educational system that was not going to support them – just more of the same that they had already endured for many years. The very first week I started in that job I developed that allergic reaction which I had never had before! It was Spring and I happened to move house not long before, so thought my allergy was to something like a pollen at my home or work. At this time I didn’t know anything about Information or CoRe.

About 4 years later when I had my CoRe system, I thought (intellectually) I understood how our health can be affected by (or is actually the result of) information, but then I had a very powerful personal demonstration and very wonderful lesson (thanks to CoRe) and now I do understand at a deep level of knowing that comes from experiencing. It was not the pollen that was the “problem”, it was what was going on with me and clearly the “information” that resonates well with me is not that of the unaccommodating educational system! Nor was it the mercury that made me unwell over so many years, but rather my personal vulnerability to it due to whatever Informational “disturbances” I had picked up somewhere in my life (or even previous lives). For any of us, it is not the pollen, or the virus, or the bacteria, or….or…..or……as we have all believed and explained so “logically”. I now understand it is so much more simple than this.

What I am really excited about is that CoRe gave me this lesson and at that particular time, clearly picking up resonance of me being ready to “get it” as a learner in this field and preparing to start a practice with clients who also need relief from their suffering. I’m sorry my story moved away from our terrible educational system, but I am so excited about what I learnt that I had to tell that part of the story too.

If you have got this far, thanks for bearing with me – you are a patient man. I will try and stay on topic in Brazil!

See you and Debora very soon.

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I have attached some photos of my hands and feet, a challenge I had for over 6 years. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 956px) 100vw, 956px" />

Then you add those things that are not able to be photographed, like severe chronic fatigue, digestion problems, heart irregularities, numbness and pain in arms and legs etc, you can see why I am a bit pleased to be so well I can even consider travel to Brazil - it was physically, mentally and emotionally impossible for me 18 months ago.

You know you are much better after all that you went though 300w" sizes="(max-width: 917px) 100vw, 917px" />

There are also some photos of me with the hayfever that went from mid October til almost Christmas, not just the year I started that teaching job, but every year for three years even though I was no longer working there after just 3 months. Only last year (the fourth year) was the first time I was not sick - when I had my CoRe.

AND that this what she wrote now after returning to Australia after a stop-over in South-Afrika having some fun with other CoRe users in Safari parks there :

On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 3:01 AM, Karyn Burge <> wrote:

Hi Kiran,

Thanks for freeing up my writings in my previous email for me to use in my essay. Most of the concepts that you speak of I can now clearly understand because I can relate your teachings to the experiences I have had in my own life. Of course most people have experiences throughout their lives which are examples of exactly the concepts you are teaching, but they continue on in life without ever contemplating what is going on, and miss out on the opportunity for progress and growth. I am extremely grateful to you, not only for bringing us the CoRe and ALL that comes through using it, but also for your passion and drive to understand and explore these new grounds where most are content to settle for what they “know”. Thankyou for your enthusiasm in sharing your understanding and wisdom. I am grateful for the coincidence of finding CoRe and meeting you so that my difficult experiences will not be wasted. I hope to help many people benefit from your dedication, wisdom and effort. What you have given me is far more than physical health and better skin!!

I’ve attached current photos of my feet which are continuing to heal. The ulceration and inflammation was deep and long term, so now just waiting for last of the colour to leave skin.

Thank you!



Dear Karyn

You know you are much better after all that you went though not “despite” of it but “because” of it

Thousands of people out there in alopathic and “holistic” therapy are still misdirected and betrayed by the promise “you will be back to NORMAL very soon” and until then we have to sedate you or your senses with chemical inhibitors or with “good-intended” affirmation-patches like “This will not get so bad”, “You will be perfectly alright again soon”, or “Don’t worry – in a little while you will not even remember this”


(did you realize we almost have the same name?)


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