Allergic reaction, intended to awaken the self from its self-induced ignorance


Kiran, you have cited the all-too-common tendency to give names to dis-eases/uneasy conditions, bringing them to life and attributing to them a reality albeit, a reality rooted in complete illusion. This tendency enables subtle psychological anchoring permitting individuals, families or even entire nations to embrace and become attached to a state which although diseased, is only symptomatic of something other than the healthy state.

As you have experienced in your practice this almost always stems from not knowing who I am, which is the root cause of this seemingly all-too-common pathology. Seen from another angle the result of mal-identifying the gross and subtle bodies as the self , induces under natural law, an allergic reaction, intended to awaken the self from its self-induced ignorance and to a state of health and less suffering..

To give another name (ASD) to observed phenomena of whatever ilk within the causal disease chain will seldom, if ever, heal the underlying cause, however, will more often reinforce or deepen the underlying cause(s), the continued misidentification of who I am or at least some ambivalence regarding my identity.

One last comment, allergic symptoms are often noted in pre-pubescent children and adolescents as this coincides with a young person’s quest to find himself or herself. Indigenous cultures recognizing the oncoming change commonly supported a young boy or girls entrance into adulthood with a ritualized vision quest which was often a seeking to know of one´s identity and role to be assumed within a given culture.

I have often thought that in our post-modern scientific era many of our youth suffer due to this lack of structured guidance-ritual-affirmation of their movement from youth-hood to adulthood. Perhaps this is food for yet another posting!


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