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The certificates for the AIM training in Brazil and Caldas / Portugal this year have gone out this week

Dear friends

I am very pleased to announce that the first AIM certificates have gone out this week.

I did not want to produce some added wall-paper as is the case with so many certificates – there is a vision and a mission behind this certificate that  is much smaller than my little ideas and wishes.

The Quadtrinity is the symbol of the certificate and  in itself it contains the informational connection  for me and those who  want to join me to unfold for the coming years.

First the Quadtrinity includes Spirit and Information and gives them a place and relationship in a common Hologram with Energy and Matter. This makes clear that these 4 Elements are not separate but contained and interwoven within each other on infinite levels. There is Informational Matter and material Information, just as there is material Energy and energetic Matter and so on down the ladder of self-similarity and holonic structure – more about this in the coming month.

But equally important these 4 Elements have been defined in a way that they do not contradict established science and physics but complement it.

The Essence of Matter is Momentum, that of Energy is Change, Information – Duality and Consciousness – Oneness

As simple as this may sound it is the results of years of research not the least with the CoRe system and at the same time provided the principles of continued refinement of the CoRe software.

However much more it is the tool to understand disease on a deeper level and to guide us to the areas of stagnation in our own life and that of our clients – it is the pandoras box that contains infinite number of keys 300w" sizes="(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px" />

How is that related to certification :

1. Old style  certifications were  about “having achieved some results” – which is matter-information, information that has crystallized, something that is dead and continues based on inertia, repetition, dogma – however this certificate certifies that one has made a strong beginning and that the candidate has shown his own creativity and desire to go on a never ending journey of discovery. This is energetic-Information, Information that is in a state of change exemplified.

2. This certificate is a about the new science of information and its interrelationship to matter, energy and spirit and their particular application in medicine. And as Information = Potential/ Polarity/ Duality/ Stress it is a certificate for those that have taken on considerable stress to peruse this field, come to seminars, read the forum and have overcome the learned resistance to make creative contributions for example in the form of essay that we request.

3. As the  central triad of the Information Triad is spiritual Information – the center of Informational Medicine, as it is taught at AIM is the science of Information that points and leads to Oneness and the different diseases and symptoms that are a result of a lack of it. Different then most we understand disease not as a result of faulty tissues, chemicals, energies or frequencies but in most cases as a disturbed connection to the spirit – this understanding is represented in the way we teach healing and this certificate.

4. We do not issue certificates lightly and therefore only a small fraction of the participants has received this certificate – all have understood that we are not in the game to base our reputation and success on papers and titles – there are too many companies and institutions that base their existence on only that – producing more and more Matter-Information – however difficult in some ways this will distinguish us from the crowd


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