News that will make history in Neurophysiology and Wellness – 3 packages for the BEaMEr and one revolutionary discovery with the Bio-LaesEr



  1. A new setting with the –  Bio-LaesEr  evokes  color and visions that are know only from drug experience
  2. BEaMEr the smallest and most complete energy wellness device delivers 5 different energy forms and work in biofeedback, Bioresonance,  ECG and Heartrate variability evaluation mode
  3. the different forms of LOVE – also the ONEs that make many people sick
  4. … the 3 dimensions  of GOD manifestation Energy – Information – Unconditional Love
  5. Marco Paulo is taking on to do worldwide seminars  – he has  5000 patients for CoRe therapy
  6. By coincidence a DVD has come to my hands of a movie in which I played a lead role 35 years ago – and the topic is “Der Zufall” (Coincidence) and how to attract Luck by informational “magic”


This newsletter is possibly the most massive with respect to the information delivered take your time and comment or ask questions

Greetings from Koh Samui / Thailand



And here are some impressions from 2 weeks ago in a nice place in Brazil that explains my  autistic side


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  1. Dear Kiran, Marco and all the family of CORE Lovers around the world; It´s great to hear such great possitive news….. and a thrill to be part of something that its not just big , but right in sooo many levels ¡

    Kiran ,  InJOY your reset 😉 

    Marco you are indeed an example and want to thank you for opening new ways to make the dreams of so many true.

    I offer myself as a squire ( bard or jester) for Sir Marco´s needs in seminars or other quests/adventures you may need me or desire to help spread the news of this revolutionary tool.

    Blessings, in the heart there is no distance

    Juan Manuel Castellano