Addictions and Cravings Module by Michael Lincoln Ph.D.


Last week I announced Michael’s master-piece the “Messages from the body” with the interpretation of almost 2000 symptoms.

The second in his Trilogy is “Addictions and Cravings” with which gives valuable clues to possible mental/ emotional and spiritual connections for a given craving.

Michael’s very general interpretation  that of “Addiction for Allergies” goes for example as follows : “Over-reacting.”  They are freaking out in response to felt threats to their well-being, to something that is experienced as being hostile to their welfare.  They are engaged in on-the-edge functioning, due to subconscious emotional difficulties, and due to their propensity to be denying of their own potency and self-worth.

They are also repressing some rather strong anger and aggression reactions.  It is an irritation response to life in which they end up being “allergic to themselves.”  They tend to be reacting to people, rather than forming interdependent relationships.

They feel frightened, and they fear loss, so they are prone to take a “reject first” approach.  They are bothered by anxiety, suppressed emotions, and unresolved aggravations or irritants from the womb, infancy or early childhood.

There is a certain level of fear about having to participate fully in life and/or perhaps even about potential annihilation.  There is also an intense distrust of letting something or someone inside their boundaries.

They can be seeking to elicit love in an indirect manner, since they found that they didn’t get the love they needed as a child, and that direct interventions were potentially dangerous.  There is a good deal of unexpressed grief over felt rejection by a “smother-loving” but effectively cold mother.

They are longing for their mother’s love or that of a mother stand-in.  They end up “looking for love in all the wrong faces and all the wrong places” — which frightens them profoundly.

Here is just a small selection out of a total of over 400 :

AROMATICS : “Fear of the intangible.”  They tend to be rather concrete-minded, and they are apt to be into systematic avoidance of the sacred.  It indicates a reaction to intrauterine or very early infancy period maternal rejection that led to a fear of God.

ARTICHOKES : “Perfect tree house fixation.”  They are apt to be something of a hyper-idealistic high-flying irrelevant perfectionist.  They have a propensity to be a systematically reality-deflecting, responsibility-avoidant and discipline-hating.
It is a “Peter Pan(ella)” pattern in which they never want to grow up.  It is due to being engulfingly treated as “special” as a child in their enmeshed and spoiling mother.

ANTIBIOTICS : “Tight little island.”  They have a rather pronounced propensity to be into super-self-sufficiency and vigilant self-protectiveness.  They are in effect something of a “sealed unit” and an “urban hermit” who is deeply distrusting of the Universe.  They generally won’t let anyone or anything come within their personal boundaries.It arises out of an underlying “Anything is likely to be a poison apple” subtle distrust of the Cosmos.

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CoRe certainly gives you the possibility to  look up individual interpretations and this alone is an exciting journey but much more we know it is not the object that we addicted to but the message that is to be understood in this craving.

I see the greatest value in the use of this new module to be able to look behind the external form and to read what it wants to convey and for this you just have to click “SELECT ALL” and let CoRe find the most resonant Addiction. This addiction is usually not the one that is manifest but it is that which has the greatest number of analogies to the situation of the person,

and as all resonance comes from polarity it is often the aspect that is most ignored or even suppressed.

If you want to see a listing of all issues interpreted

in Messages from the body

Addictions and Cravings

Allergies and Aversions


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