Acquired Savant – accessing the Informational matrix


1. What is the historic idea about mind activity and learning?

2. What is  “Acquired Savant

3. What we can learn from the Acquired Savant

The old ideas of mind activity was that the brain first needs to acquire/learn data and methods to handle it, in a long and often arduous way, before some level of mastery can be achieved. This outdated concept is applied for solving problems and educational method.It is based on the idea of local computers that are networking in a linear fashion and that get data from other computers but need to do the processing themselves. That this is not how it can work for complex and interconnected systems and how it does work for most of nature.

This is most obvious in the “Acquired Savant”, an infrequent occurrence of someone acquiring abilities instantaneously without a previous learning process. This phenomenon, however rare indicated the existence of an informational matrix that can be access.

An example of musical ability after an accident

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And of memory and drawing ability in an autistic person

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What we can learn from the Acquired Savant:

When comparing many cases of Acquired Savant, I realized that all have one thing in common; they occurred after an event of great Distress/ DLE/ Reset/Polarity, like an accident or because of a continued distress as in autism (polarity between left and right brain).

It confirms my experience that to the degree to which one is successful to avoid/limit/anesthetize the tension between any 2 polarities of a challenge because of an inborn drive for comfort and security, ones EGO is strengthened and one’s creativity and connection to the matrix decreases.



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