Ability to Equalize – the most powerful concept to keep you healthy


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DLE the ideal of perfect health – it is the dynamically labile equilibrium state between the different polarities that life presents. Balance in comparison, is a form of stagnation that is most perfectly realized in death.

In fact every moment of our lives we are challenged to create a DLE between countless physical, energetic, informational or spiritual polarities.

Our culture has conditioned us to search the quickest way out of any such interference – usually by choosing one polarity and making it our ideal, hanging on to it and creating all kind of insurance systems that the other unwanted pole is made impossible. We do not stop to hang on to this desperate and childish illusion that eventually the unwanted pole will be eradicated – as deep down we are all allopath.


Being in a different environment or culture always challenges our little worlds in which we have to some degree made our choices to which polarities we want to eradicate and which to adore — that is why traveling is always such a refreshing and youthing  remedy.

Particularly if you enter a completely unfamiliar element like in scuba-diving. Here you have to learn to live and equalize new polarities. One is the polarity between sinking and upward lift. If you have too much weight you go down like a stone, if too much air you go up like a rocket – the DLE state here is called Buoyancy – something that you have to learn and once achieved you will have an experience of weightlessness as in outer space.

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The other DLE underwater is to Equalize between inside and outside of your body – the pressure of the water from the water above you increase with one kilo per square centimeter every 10 meters of depth so for example in already 10 meter on your body is a load of about 30*200*1 kg = 6 000 kg or 6 tons (or more if you are not as slim and tall as Kiran). How is it possible that you not only can survive this but on the contrary have the experience of exceptional freedom and lightness ? Simply by the need to learn to equalize the pressure inside and outside your body with certain techniques. (people who cannot do this will have either intolerable ear pain or get anxiety-attacks even before )

Scuba diving is much more save then driving in a car or motorcycle, the chance that you die or have a serious accident on a motorcycle is a thousand times higher then while diving. The reason for it being that you have to learn everything from scratch (and do not imagine wrongly that as driving a car you can behave and act as usually )– Only as an embryo you had a comparable experience – floating and being completely dependent on an external air source.

However just like in “life on the dry” the great danger come from not allowing to equalize between the polarities because you hang on to one state. For example if you hold your breath while surfacing from only 20 m depth you will certainly rapture your lung and die because on ascent the air is expanding so much. (luckily I have not heard this happen too often)

Analogically  according to CoRe philosophy all disease is the result of an unwillingness or inability to equalize between one or another polarity although the situation has changed and calls for another ratio of equalization.

The new LaesEr-Bioresonance system is the first step into the direction to make this understanding practical also in the realm of energetic feedback.

Here is a beautiful video I made this week in Koh Lanta / Thailand that shows what you  can learn about how to Equalize from a turtle













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