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...with Daniela, Pal and her husband Gabriel at John of GOd



The concept of ‘spiritual reset’ which Kiran explained during the AIM training seminar in Illabela was for me a very concrete experience. I lived through it all the days I was in Sao Paulo, Illabela, Pirenopolis and Abadiania.

The pilgrimage to The Casa of John of God and the (for me) discomforting rituals there, combined with the continuous shaking and dismantling of the ‘buffers’ that had so faithfully helped me to avoid life’s interference into my stable ways of thinking and feeling, put me in the ‘reset’ mode.

Raining in the room where we slept, and nobody there found that ‘strange’. It wasn’t, actually, since there is no difference between inside and outside.

People suddenly crying during the ‘invisible spiritual operation’ at The Casa, although nothing happened outwardly. Actually, it did, since there is no difference between outward and inward, even if we don’t see that with our eyes. And even when I saw a ‘visible operation’ with my own eyes I could not believe that. Of course, since most information is invisible.


The seminar, the interaction with the participants, the new concepts presented by Kiran, the rain and the light, the food and the ants, the air and the plants, the red earth of the roads, all were undermining my habits, my thinking formula’s and feeling recipes.


In Brazil, I realized in awe that what I had previously labeled ‘exciting experiences’ had been pale reflections of prefabricated reactions to a ‘reality’ already experienced by the mind.

In Brazil, my interference-avoidance mechanisms were put on ‘stand by’, on ‘off’, or they were simply non-operational.


In Brazil, I had opposite opinions simultaneously, but I no longer struggled to ‘decide’ what was true/false… The scary and lovable sensation to feel ‘calmly excited’ and ‘harmoniously incoherent’!


In Brazil I fully lived my questions about existence, about life, about the universe. Fortunately, I got no answers, only understandings!


There were some moments during these past two years since I have been working with CoRe when I thought I understood what Kiran meant by Dynamic Labile Equilibrium. Now I believe that it’s the spiritual reset I had the chance to go though in Brazil that was the beginning of a shy attempt to really understand DLE. But than, again, what is belief… or understanding, for that matter.


On the other hand, since I am a human being who still loves certainties, I need to know where something starts and where it ends.  I found out that some things have a good start in



Chaos is such that it makes you want to put it in order.

Since chaos is tiring and order becomes boring,

there is always the option of confusion.


It’s when order and chaos fuse

and you get cosmically amused.






Others have a good start both in the beginning and in the end.


The leading words chosen by Kiran for the AIM training in Illabela were “In the beginning was the Word”.


For some of us, the seminar continued with and/or was preceded by manifestations of the Word in a multitude of ways. You can see, from my perspective, a summary of those ways here   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGFLp3gbnzY



In friendship,


Daniela Andreescu


About Author

After having worked for 30 years in an Embassy, in 2007 I founded Art of Change www.artofchange.ro . In 2008, after participating in a seminar about the CoRe System held by Kiran, I joined the setting up of the Inergetix Technology Center – Meta Coaching in Bucharest www.inergetix.ro I work as a Consultant in Ecological Communication and Interpersonal Relations (the E.S.P.E.R.E. © Method) and with the CoRe System I work as a Personal Coach (Meta-Coaching, life vision & enhancement, Energy-for-Life, holistic personal transformation). In my practice I also use the Enneagram (Gurdjieff and modern Enneagram) and alternative healing modalities (Pranic Healing, Reiki, Qi Gong, MDH Shamballa, Medicine Buddha). My current favorite quote is: “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” (Michelangelo)

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