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You know the days that things go with a lightness and ease that is just stunning. These are the moments when you are more in connection with the 5th dimension.

Lets look at what you remember from these times, e.g. : you wake up and know what you want to do, there is no thought about “If and But”, IT JUST FEELS RIGHT. You will do it despite it IS OUT OF PLAN or OUTSIDE your routine, you JUST DO IT and then all goes quicker and easier than could possibly be expected.

You meet people that you need for your project just by COINCIDENCE, without asking them they give you insight or inspire you how to do what you intended in a CREATIVE and MEANINGFUL way.

If you are an artist you would say the MUSE has enchanted you, no need to check out catalogs to get ideas, it’s just obvious what and how to do it and every move FLUENTLY invokes the next. There is no need to frequently go back and erase what you have done or written – all is good and surprising even to your own SELF.

“How strange ?” your think – did I write this ? – this newness does not fade over time, it’s a work that has some of the sparkle that a Mona Lisa not loses over centuries – it feels UNQUESTIONABLY RIGHT.

In a way the idea of wrong does not enter, even when you look from that perspective on how other days went or what others are doing – it is as if the satisfaction of the moment reflects all that does not vibrate with the same lightness and glee – there is no faultfinding.

You wonder “Where did all this come from?” and “Why did I have not this idea earlier – it’s so simple and obvious !”

Wherever you look you are inspired to CHANGE, maybe hang the picture somewhere else or replace it with something – not because the other was bad or old but just for the FUN of it. A little thing, like this one idea, can make you get started re-arranging your whole house and you do not feel tired until everything is done – call it ENTRAINMENT ?

And then somebody comes and tells you “This was not really necessary!” or “I liked it better the way it was!” and you smile internally and feel CONTENT – no need to explain yourself or be angry about the other it JUST FEELS RIGHT.

You wonder “What was holding me before – why didn’t I do this earlier?” or “Why was this so difficult at so many other times when I tried ?” and maybe you come to the conclusion that it was JUST THE RIGHT TIME or maybe it was because you did what WAS RIGHT FOR YOU not being concerned what others would think.

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You think deeper, because you want to find how to be in this ZONE more often and you come up with some theories and think: maybe because you had just split up with someone who was holding you down or you just found a new lover or you were out dancing the whole night or you had a wonderful night of sleep with many inspiring dreams or maybe you could feel your guiding angel next to you?

Well this will be the content of what we share about the 5th dimension – how to connect to it more often and to understand the result of having not enough of it. It’s not a question of “having or not having” of “to be or not to be” of “sleep versus awakening” – it’s about realizing that every moment contains some of the 5th dimension and how to increase it.

You will see that much of what comes with the 5th dimension is not just the stuff above that we all want but also things that we are trained to avoid and don’t know how to deal with – once you understand that it is a an aspect of the 5th dimension, that make all the things possible that you like so much, you will be willing to consider making friends with the things that necessarily come with it and that you tried to keep out until now.


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