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It happened that someone send me a link to some Gregg Braden where he talks about the changes that according to him and many prophets today on the interrnet are going to happen in 2012. Usually I do not pay much attention to all the links that I get send every day, but…..

then in the evening I happened to see a National Geographic documentary on the prediction that the world will end in the way we know it  on the 12/21/2012.  In his prophesies Gregg mixes in the usual informational spice and digestive enzymes like “Consciousness Grid”, “Oneness field”, “Language of God”, “Quantum Hologram”,  “Gnostic texts”, “Dead sea scrolls”, “Natures Mind”, “Earth changes”, “Polar reversals”, ….. and believe it … he managed to get all these concepts in the context within one page of text and it still apparently made sense ….. (I just mention all these here to get my text likewise saturated with popular Key-words)

Dear Friends …. how deep has the new age movement gone down that he and so many others can get this much attention. When you look a little into facts you see that there is almost nothing behind all this. What most quote as the source it the Mayan Dresden Codex …. but this does not let you or any expert make any time- predictions that is anything closer than a few hundred years and only says basically,  as so many religions, in its last chapter that the end-of-the-world is coming.

The Dresden Codex - called so because centuries ago Dresden was a colony of the Mayan empire

Nowhere is any matching possible to a given year or even a day…. so why did they come up with exactly this date ? Simply because 20/12/2012  is such an auspiciously symmetrical date…… I remember I got so many warning for the stockmarket crash on 09/09/2009 and then it actually came on 20/09/2009 ….. or did I get this wrong ?…. maybe it was part of the Mayan prediction for 2009  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXrWtk9qPPU or how about the ones for 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJZ5JDx6IRE ?

AND as a side-note : How much can we expect to learn from a people like the Mayan who was so CRUEL that they  slaughtered thousands so people to offer them to secure what they wanted to get in return and were so STUPID to poison their own water by throwing the hearts of all their victims into their wells until they finally had to leave their cities……. this certainly does not match  new-age-dreams

If something is going to happen of course it must be 20/12/2012  (because the Mayan used the european convention to put the day first)….. but then real experts like Gregg found even a deeper reason why the actual date is one day later or more precisely on midnight of the 20th —- the next day it is the winter solstice.

At all of my seminars I am asked some question first and foremost HOW MUCH, HOW OFTEN, WITH WHICH FREQUENCY, WITH WHAT DURATION ?

Because we all so brainwashed with the american cultural idea of QUANTITY is everything …. if one pill does not do it lets give 2,3,4,….. I want to show that on the informational level Time and Space is not a bounding factor and as such numbers which are quantity concepts have no meaning or existence.

This is why we have such an addiction to dates and that is why no prediction even of the most celebrated psychics like Nostradamus ever were right in respect to the actual timing….. only people tried of course to show that if one twisted the interpretation he in fact had given the correct dates.

As you can imagine I experimented with the CoRe to make evaluations about dosage/ duration/ amplitude a.s.o. and it never was reproducible as other evaluations that tested a quality rather than a quantity….. and I understand now that the reason for that is that numbers and quantity only have a meaning in the realm of Matter and Energy…. whereas we are reading  the Informational Matrix.

Goethe put this in the words “The number is nothing – the Relationship is everything” ….. he was so connected to the informational matrix that he understood the relationship or proportion is the basic building block of the informational world.

The reason that no psychic/ radionic system ever could predict the lottery numbers or other gambling like the number of winning horses or of the roulette was always the argument of the skeptics that there is nothing to psychic reading in general….. far from it …. but numbers are simply not the matter of their trade…. and if you find one who tells you he can …. make a big circle around him …. or ask him for a lottery prediction.

New Age heroes like Gregg dont know the basics but they know how to fool a lot of sheep around them with their desperate need for dates and other numbers….. Armageddon will certainly come if not next year maybe in 100 years …. but for each one of you … your personal “end of this world” will come within the next 80 years…. this is my prediction….. so better get prepared

Speculations and Gambling like this is such a desperate attempt to get some DLE in your life…. and the American even try to dispatch it into their shadow side by allowing gambling only in indian reservations like this one in the Thyme Maidu Indian reservation

Make your connection with the informational Matrix stronger by daily work with the CoRe system and you will be able so say like myself and many other users that you are becoming more intuitive in that way.

…… and one more thing  —– I met Debora on the 20/07/ 2007


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