Phosphenism, a way to increase awareness and consciousness while working with your CoRe

2 weeks ago, Kiran and I mentioned the gipsy methods, using the tables of Chartres. (please see ) In the meantime we know that quite some people are using this system very successfully in their daily radionic work with CoRe.

Today I would like to introduce you to Phosphenism.

Clairvoyants use this rudimentary and instinctive practice when they place a candle near a crystal ball. They obtain a phosphene using the reflection of light, the ball acting as a magnifying glass. As all reflected light is more or less polarized, this explains flashes of clairvoyance. The « magical mirrors » are absolutely not magical: it is their capacity for reflection that matters. Studying texts, religions, cults and traditions will show to the researcher that phosphenes have greatly contributed the development of humankind.

The Zoroastrians use a fire, the Tibetans a flame, the sun and the moon were also worshipped. The reflection of the sun on water is used by African mystics, Nostradamus used the reflection of the moon on a silver tray, when he wanted to provoke phenomena of clairvoyance and transmit them to Catherine of Medici. The initiation rites of the Mysteries of Eleusis, that were attended by all the great men of Ancient Greece, whether philosophers, mathematicians or poets, consisted in focusing on a torch and then visualizing an ear of wheat with the eyes closed.

Parallell to the focusing on sources of light, here is the tradition of head sways which can be found in every cult and religion. It can be found in the Israelite religion as well as the Muslim religion and also in the Sufi tradition, the daily practice of the “”Sannyasin” (a wandering mendicant and ascetic living a life of renunciation) in India. In Asia, it can be found in the Shinto religion (Japan), in China, in the Taoist practices, as well as in the Chinese popular traditions. In Egypt, archaeologists have found wall frescoes in tombs dating back to the time of Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV, 14th century BC) depicting dancers practicing ritual sways.

phosphenism is a portfolio of techniques which has as goal an increasing cerebral capacities through the use of  a method based on physiological reactions. Phosphenes which are multicolor patches, which persist in the dark for three minutes, and which are obtained when focusing on a source of light during a short period of time.

All children like swaying, the same way all mothers spontaneously rock their children. what is the reason for this? It is a physiological necessity that underscores a rythmic function of the brain. Often, parents prevent their children from swaying because they do not understand the importance of sways. Children instinctivily feel like swaying because they know how to relate to their deep cerebral rythms.

In its various forms, Phosphenism essentially consists of entering more easily the information fields through the practice of head sways which provoque a greater awareness in consciousness and producing elevated psychic phenomena

Willy De Maeyer

Kiran´s Comment:

Every element in our environment can be used to get us into an altered state of awareness, particularly if  they create mutually contradictory impulses which means a state of DLE.

Sitting under a wterfall at sunrise can do that or looking into a mirror in the moon-shine….. but sitting all day long at the same desk does not -it is as simple as that —- if you want to become more psychic you have to pack more DLE in your life

It is all there for you waiting - make the step into the unknown, unpreditable the twilight zone of DLE 300w" sizes="(max-width: 466px) 100vw, 466px" />

It is all there for you waiting - make the step into the unknown, unpreditable the twilight zone of DLE


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