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New Relational Protocol function

One of the key additions of  the upcoming version 6 is the “Relational Protocol” function which lists at present Therapy Protocols in…


New MindResonators

On the picture you see our new MindResonator LED glasses – that have become a great selling arguments in Brazil…

Energetic Med. Concepts

Cancer Study in Switzerland

Arthur Rottermann, an Inergetix CoRe user here in Switzerland, has sent me the following information which I’m sure will be…

Math/ Quantum Field

Quantum humor

Quantum humor
Educational jokes on the all powerful trinity “Energy, Frequency and the Quant”

What is LaesEr Bioresonance?

What is LaesEr Bioresonance? By this time, you must surely can’t wait to actually understand what LaesEr Bioresonance system is. What is the LaesEr Bioresonance and what principles is it…