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New MindResonators

On the picture you see our new MindResonator LED glasses – that have become a great selling arguments in Brazil…

Energetic Med. Concepts

A new definition of Energy

Dear All what follows is Daniela’s contribution on my question “What is Energy” and I am amazed how much we…

Math/ Quantum Field

Hard and Clean data ?

Mark’s approach (based on the unfinished manuscript with Stephan Schwartz). “Mathematician is the one who can see analogies. A good…

New infrared LED applicator

LED applicator are now available

Light as the most potent carrier of information

LED mats combining flexibility and 2 channel design


The Role of the Practitioner

Dear Kiran, In conventional Radionic thought, the role of the “operator’ is crucial, as it is believed that the operator…


The Gypsy method

Dear Kiran, This is a meditation technique, a tool for training mind and perception which has been passed on from…

The Healing Power – Communication

The Healing Power – Communication Before we can talk about how communication can help you heal your inner wounds, it is important to establish what is meant by communication. It…