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Allergies and Aversions

This is the introduction to the 3rd new Module by Michael Lincoln Ph.D. which deals with “Allergies and Aversions” —  notice…

Energetic Med. Concepts

A new definition of Energy

Dear All what follows is Daniela’s contribution on my question “What is Energy” and I am amazed how much we…

Math/ Quantum Field

Informational Matrix

I am new to the CoRe System, and I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the different fields…

I love my CoRe

CoRe has now been an integral part of my day now for more than 2 years, and I am in…


The Magic of John of GOD

Since Kiran and Debora had brought us to John of God in April 2010, we started dreaming of organizing a…

What is LaesEr Bioresonance?

What is LaesEr Bioresonance? By this time, you must surely can’t wait to actually understand what LaesEr Bioresonance system is. What is the LaesEr Bioresonance and what principles is it…